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Programming interactivity with substructural logic

This will be the first of four posts in which I attempt to organize my thoughts about an idea for a project. It's related to logic programming interactive fiction and the OBT talk I gave this past January, but I'm trying to extend the ideas beyond interactive fiction -- which represents one particular interaction pattern -- into more general process-calculus-ish terms.

Rob Simmons, who just defended a thesis that I take a great deal of inspiration from, has a good primer on substructural logic programming over on his blog. To review briefly, the key concepts I'm building on are:

logic programming, in which a program is specified by declaring several atomic base types and a collection of logical propositions describing how they relate to one another, and a particular proof search strategy determines the semantics of its execution;forward-chaining or bottom-up logic programming, a particular proof search (i.e. execution strategy) where a collection of base facts is allowed to…