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Concurrent Storytelling

This post outlines one way of understanding what my thesis is about: a tool for concurrent storytelling. For this post, I'll speak mainly in terms of narrative structure & system design rather than PL & logic. My goal is that an audience more oriented in interactive fiction than in programming languages can follow along. Please feel free to send me feedback about the accessibility of this writing from that perspective!

Previously, I've described my thesis programming language as a tool for designing game mechanics. But the term "game mechanics" is fairly broad, and in my proposal, I gave examples ranging from 2d puzzle games to parser interactive fiction. While I'm still excited about designing a core language that can express that entire range of mechanics, I've also narrowed my focus somewhat to examples that are especially illuminating to design this way.

In my INT 7 paper presented in June, I wrote about what I identified as the first solid succes…